This began as an exploration of the way in which we gather and share knowledge. The human desire
to define, enumerate, classify, quantify and test ideas to reduce hypotheses and conjecture into certainty. These potentially significant yet dilettantish pursuits are of course the preserve of those with the luxury of time, and the realities of everyday working life and the struggle to survive demand that meaning be found elsewhere.

It soon became a large collection of photographs made in the field, in the photographic studio and in
museums responding to a few simple questions; what do we know? how do we know?

We struggle with the desire to know, and the knowledge that we cannot. We try to know from birth, we are taught to learn how to know. We develop meaning in trying to know.

This is a collection of knowledge artefacts both personal and shared.

Made with kind support and permissions from:

Bristol Museum

National Museum Cardiff

The Natural History Museum, London

The British Museum

[1]Duncan Forbes ‘ No More Good Life’ copy.gif